Join us for the 6th annual Greg Nelson Challenge!

The Greg Nelson Challenge was founded in 2011 by his children in honor of the World's Greatest Dad. Greg was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (stage 4 brain cancer) at the young age of 57. An avid cyclist, his overriding goal during radiation, chemo, and multiple complications was always to "get back on the bike." This proved to be the toughest challenge when the cancer left him semi-paralyzed. Through endless hours of physical therapy, Greg enjoyed the small steps of progress: being able to grip a handlebar, stepping onto a pedal, riding a recumbent, getting on a spin bike, and eventually making it back onto his own mountain bike.

Why the obsession with the bike? As a man of the outdoors, Greg rarely went a day without cycling. It was his exercise, his stress reliever, his communing with nature, his challenge, and his passion. At age 40, Greg entered the Widow Maker Mountain Bike Hill Climb for the first time to test his vitality and prove he was still young. This sufferfest became a yearly test for Greg and motivation to continue healthy living.

When Greg passed away in 2010 after his fierce three and a half-year battle, his children vowed to continue his tradition and enter the race every year in his honor. Thus the Greg Nelson Challenge was born, to honor Greg and raise funds and awareness for brain cancer research.  Since starting this challenge we have raised over $5000 and we hope to double that effort this year!
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